Monday, January 4, 2010

Pearl #1: Practical Ways to health, fitness, wellness and better living

I have decided to blog simply because so many thoughts about living a better life through movement and balanced eating habits run through my head all day. I teach classes 5 days a week but I want to reach even more than those in my class. What I do is good, really good and there is only so much time and space in the day to reach many of you.

This blog is designed for those of you who come to class and those of you cannot. I will post daily simple, REALISTIC shifts you can make in your daily life to bring greater health to your body.

To begin...
Every day take 5 deep breaths in the low belly - that is the pelvis belly - the belly that creates a triad connecting the two hipbones and pubic bone. Do it now. Big, buddha breaths deep in the low belly. Notice each time you breathe in your ribcage lifts and creates a sense of self-carriage. Your spine lengthens and your collar bone opens. Do it sitting, standing and walking. If you are a runner do it running, if you are a yogi do it in yoga. 5 deep long breaths. The exhale releases and allows your back to expand horizontally into a lift in the upper chest. 5 deep breaths will strengthen your core and take you into your natural alignment with positive tension. If I tell you to sit up straight you will most likely hold your breath, tighten your core and create negative tension.
Every day take 5 deep breaths in the low belly. Could you do this 3 times a day? You can. Can you do this 10 times a day? You can? Driving in your car, a pause at breakfast, lunch and dinner, standing in the grocery line, making a deposit at the bank, talking on the phone to a business associate. Reading e-mails, twittering, facebooking - 5 deep breaths can be done at any time. Expand your core and begin to open up the space for your organs to release vital energy and create better alignment. Engage your core with Breath!
Now go and breathe.