Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dancing at the MAC, Anita's Studio and NIA HQI love Spring in Oregon. 

The Equinox brings our beings into the first day of Spring, 
Nature blooming all around us.
Our sunrise is earlier now, and nightfall comes later. 
Plants are sprouting. Winds are softening. Our bodies begin to enjoy the warmer days of spring. 
Our eyes lift to the brighter skies,
the earth slowly begins to become firmer under our feet. 
We shed our coats and reveal new skin. Mmmm and we dance new beginnings. 
I hope you are enjoying JOY and we will be exploring PULSE shortly. 
Our next routine immersion - Saturday, 3/19/2016 PULSE ~ RSVP 


all classes as normally scheduled through March 31st

Anita's Studio Class Schedule (everyone welcome) 
3/2 Wed
no 3/4 Fri class
3/7 Mon
3/9 Wed
3/11 Fri
3/14 Mon
3/16 Wed
3/18 Fri
3/21 Mon
3/23 Wed
no 3/25 Fri class
3/28 Mon
3/30 Wed
no 3/31 Fri class 

NIA HQ Class Schedule 
3/9 and 3/23 at 5:45 pm (everyone welcome) 

Please share this email with anyone you may know who desires to feel good! 

Invite them to any of our classes and sense

Through Movement We Find Health.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Dancing Joy in all of Anita's NIA Classes this week. 

Join me at the MAC, Anita's Studio (MWF 9 am) orStudioNia (Wed 5:45 pm).

~Thank you Ann Christiansen

what a delightful elixir of Music, Movement and JoyFull magic. 

We are sensing the life force!