Monday, January 18, 2010

Pearl #10 The ribcage

The cleanse and begin workshop was a success. You can try it too - just replace your gluten and sugar intake with
fruits, veggies, rice, meats, fish, dairy and nuts. Try it for 5 days. See how you feel. Often times this will create more balance in your nourishment of your body.

Now onto the ribcage. As you inhale not only allow your ribs to rise from their base but also allow the complete ribcage to expand especially along the edge of the collarbone. Now as you exhale release the breath but maintain the lengthening and expansion of the ribcage. There now feel the self-carriage. The body weight of my chest is lifted and relaxed and independent of my body weight of my pelvis. Their connection is through my spine and the soft tissue in my lower core - organs, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fluid. When I allow my ribcage to float and to feel the buoyancy from the air in my lungs I create self carriage in my middle core. I get off of the seat of my pelvis. Breathe in and rise and expand. Breathe out and extend and release as you open and create self carriage in the ribs.