Wednesday, March 30, 2016

April NIA Schedule at the MAC, Anita's Studio and NIA HQ

Dancing at the MAC, Anita's Studio and NIA HQ

March ended with a little madness of me being late to a MAC class and missing another at the MAC and HQ. 
Is that what March Madness means?
I hope not!
I think Portland is just becoming more and more beautiful 
and so the traffic goes . . .  
I know I will be leaving earlier and creating new routes. 

I gotta dance, just gotta dance!
Hello April!
Hello Sunrise!
Hello Dancers!

all classes as normally scheduled through April 30th
a few subs for the following classes
4/4, 4/7 and 4/22 7 am NIA will be taught by Mechelle Damis

Anita's Studio Class Schedule (everyone welcome)
no 4/1 Fri class
no 4/4 Mon class
4/6 Wed
4/8 Fri
4/10 Mon
4/13 Wed
4/15 Fri
4/17 Mon
4/20 Wed
no 4/22 Fri class
4/24 Mon
4/27 Wed
4/29 Fri

NIA HQ Class Schedule
4/6 and 4/20 at 5:45 pm (everyone welcome)

Please share this email with anyone you may know who desires to feel good! 
Invite them to any of our classes and sense 

Through Movement We Find Health.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Hey Peeps ~ welcome back from Spring Break ~ 
here is my schedule for the end of March. Let's get fit and... 
Love your body, Love your Life!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Anita's NIA Week 3/21

It's going to be a busy week. My NIA schedule with my human tribe and then my horse tribe ~ a day at Many Hawks Ranch riding Primrosa (thank you Sylvia Boon) and Shiggy and 2 days at Kane Creek at the School of Connected Riding with Pete, Bro, Fancy, Lily, Mazzi, Jackie, Joy, Robbie, Dari and Demi (thank you Coral Autumn and Peggy Cummings). Human dance time and Connected horse time ~ I love my life! #LivingNia #studionia #niatechnique