Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Anita's Classes ~ Starting on Time 9 am - 10:15 am

Hello Lovely Dancers,

Today the fall light in the dojo was brilliant and the dancing was divine.  Thank you all so much for dancing at Anita's Classes.

From this day forward we will begin class at 9 am. 
The dojo opens at 8:45 am.  
If you come late ~ that is OK ~ 
come in and go through the Cycles that you may have missed on your own

There are 7 cycles to your class.  Cycles take into consideration that you are never the same on any two days, or, for that matter, from moment to moment. The seven cycles remain the same, however the Nia experience changes continuously based on the focus, music, moves and class intent.

Cycle 1: Set the Focus and Intent – What You Place Your Attention On
The focus is what you place your attention on. The intent is your desired outcome. The first 3-5 minute cycle is designed to share both objective and subjective information that will enhance your awareness and experience in class.
Cycle 2: Step In – Create the Space to Workout
Stepping In is the act of leaving behind distractions. Stepping In stimulates the body, mind, emotions, and spirit connection by helping you create space to workout. Activate your sensory awareness as the starting point for all body-centered action. 
Cycle 3: Warm Up – Prepare Your Heart, Lungs, and 13 Joints
Warm-up by consciously activating the flow of energy through your heart, lungs and thirteen primary joints. Warming-up increases body heat and respiration, and initiates your movement through all three planes: low, middle, and high. 
Cycle 4: Get Moving – Energize the Moves to Reach a Peak
Get Moving is the action of using increased ranges of motion, speed and intensity to condition the heart, lungs, muscles and joints. Activate your cardiovascular system using speed and shorter and longer splashes of intensity. Move more dynamically through space and the three planes of movement: low, middle and high. 
Cycle 5: Cool Down – Calm, Harmonize, and Re-center
Cool Down by decreasing your intensity level, slowing your speed and allowing your heart rate to cool down. Activate your Conscious Personal Trainer to stretch, re-center, reflect, and prepare to move your body towards the floor.
Cycle 6: Floorplay – Fitness on the Floor
Floorplay uses the elements of play, gravity, the floor, space, time and sound to condition the body with FAMSS–flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability. Take advantage of the heat and pliability generated from your previous movements; this allows you to stretch and open your joints more fully. In Floorplay, use your body as free weight to condition your muscles and joints. 
Cycle 7: Step Out – Transition Into Your Next Activity                                                                                                                                  Step Out by transitioning into your next activity with an awareness of the fitness and self-healing benefits you have received from your movement. Stepping out is a physical action you take to symbolize the end of every class,  creating a container for movement to carry with you throughout your life.  
Cycles from the NIA White Belt
I hope to see more of you in classes.  Let's continue to create joyful community together:) 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wed and Fri are back at Anita's Classes

Now that Fall is arriving, I am back into the swing of dancing 6 days a week.  You can join me at the MAC or my Home Studio.
At my home studio classes are once again Wed and Fri 9 -10:15 am.
Look forward to seeing you soon!