Saturday, December 31, 2016

January 2017 At Anita's Studio

Let’s usher the New Year in with 
a song, 
a dance,
a clear vision of SELF.

Join me in January at Anita’s Studio, please RSVP.

Classes are 9-10:15 am

1/2 Mon
1/4 Wed 
1/6 Fri
1/9 Mon
1/11 Wed
1/13 Fri
1/16 Mon
1/18 Wed
1/20 Fri
1/23 Mon
1/25 Wed
1/27 Fri
1/30 Mon

Happy New Year,

Monday, November 28, 2016

What days do you want to dance in December at Anita's Studio?

Our last dancing month of 2016.
You all have made such a positive difference in my life.
Thank you!

What days would you like to dance as we bring closure to 2016.
Please let me know by the end of the week, Dec 1st. 
Place your name by the dates

With love,

12/2 Fri
12/5 Mon
12/7 Wed
12/9 Fri
12/12 Mon
12/14 Wed
12/16 Fri
12/19 Mon
12/21 Wed
12/23 Fri
12/28 Wed (you have to really want this one)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dancing Gratitude in November at Anita's Studio

Each day we step in
remember to remember 
what you are grateful for

Schedule at Anita's Studio for November, 2016
Please respond to which classes you will be attending
11/2 Wed
11/4 Fri
11/7 Mon
11/9 Wed
11/11 No class
11/14 Mon
11/16 Wed
11/18 Fri
11/21 Mon
11/23 Wed
11/25 Fri 
11/28 Mon 
11/30 Wed

I am always so grateful to dance with you!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October Dancing at Anita's NIA Studio

October Dancing

Manifesting and Being while Dancing NIA.
We have started the month with a focus of manifesting and being during this fertile harvest month.

As we step in to the dojo I am asking all of us to consider the triad 

Self * Environment * Community

How you reflect the qualities you desire from your Self, from Environment and from Community.

In the safety of the dojo, we can freely relate to the 3 from all 4 realms ~ the physical, the mental, the spiritual and the emotional.

Creating, receiving and giving as we reflect one another.

So let's dance on these days
10/7 Fri
10/10 Mon
10/12 Wed
10/14 Fri
10/17 Mon
10/19 Wed
10/21 Fri
10/24 Mon
10/26 Wed
10/28 Fri
10/31 Mon

Self * Environment * Community


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Here we go dancing darlings

I am excited to dance in the shimmering lights of the fall.  The autumn leaves dance in the air and gracefully color the earth with warmth as we prepare for the change of seasons, change of moods, change of weather.

I love our lives coming together for an hour or more of divine dancing. Thank you for lighting up the space with your being~ness.

Here is the September schedule.  Let me kow what you will be attending by RSVP'ing to this email with your name by the date.

9.7 Wed
9.9 Fri
9.12 Mon
9.14 Wed
9.16 Fri
9.19 Mon
9.21 Wed
9.23 no class 
9.26 Mon
9.28 Wed
9.30 Fri

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I will see you on the dance floor!


Monday, June 27, 2016

Hi Tribe,

I had a wonderful week spending time with my family camping/hiking in the Steen Mountains, visiting the Alvord Desert, playing tons of frisbee golf at MacIver Park, Hornings Hideout and a course close to our home.  I am continually amazed at how good I feel in my body.  
After 32 years of facilitating movement I still desire to move/dance/delight
in a flock, a herd, a pack, a school of movers.

Thank you for showing up so we can share the experience of JOY!
Each day my body feels capable of taking the practice off the dance floor and onward into feeling good in life.
Thank you body! 

And what have you discovered and thanked your body for of late?  
Please share with me!  
I find it so valuable to reflect on your body and say, 
"Wow body, you are...…"
Onward into is what I propose for July. Which classes are YOU able to attend?  
Type your name by each date and reply back to me.

I am so grateful to share the love with kindred spirits on the dance floor.  

We share in the desire to continually liberate our bodies with movement, 
stir our souls with music and revitalize our emotions with the magic of community.

I look forward to dancing with you in July. Please RSVP by the end of June and we will co-create the July schedule.
7/6 Wed
7/8 Fri
7/11 Mon
7/13 Wed
7/15 Fri
7/18 Mon
7/20 Wed
7/22 Fri
7/25 Mon
7/27 Wed 
7/29 Fri

And let me know your August vacation dates  and I will begin putting together the final summer schedule.

Anita's Home Studio
4625 SW 53rd Avenue
Portland Oregon 97221

One heart attracts another,

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hello June!

Hello June!

Summer dancing  has arrived!

Dancing at the MAC
all classes scheduled as normal
anita will be on vacation 6/17-6/26 (subs will be arranged)

Anita's Studio (everyone welcome)
vacation season is beginning
PLEASE let me know the classes you will be attending by RSVP'ing to this email
and COMMITTING your name beside the date
 Wed 6/1
Fri 6/3
Mon 6/6
Wed 6/8
Fri 6/10
Mon 6/13
Wed 6/15
6/17 - 6/26 Anita on vacation ~ studio closed
Mon 6/27
Wed 6/29

StudioNia (HQ downtown
5:45 pm Wednesdays
6/1, 6/8,6/15

Thank you for continuing to explore ways to playfully express yourSELF, find functionality in your movement and
provide health and happiness to this wonderful community of movers.

In gratitude,

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May We Dance….

May we Dance Together this May
and Create Poetry in Motion

All classes as scheduled
no class 5/30 Monday Memorial Day

Anita's Studio Class Schedule (everyone welcome)
5/2 Mon 9am
5/4 Wed 9am
5/6 Fri 9am
5/9 Mon 9am
5/11 Wed 9am
5/13 Fri 9am
5/16 Mon 9am
5/18 Wed 9am
5/20 Fri 9am
5/23 Mon 9am
5/25 Wed 9am
Happy Memorial Day Weekend

NiaStudio HQ Downtown
5/4, 5/18, 5/25 Wed Evening at 5:45 pm (everyone welcome)

Please share this email with anyone you may know who desires to feel good! 
Invite them to any of our classes and sense 
Through Movement We Find Health.


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

April NIA Schedule at the MAC, Anita's Studio and NIA HQ

Dancing at the MAC, Anita's Studio and NIA HQ

March ended with a little madness of me being late to a MAC class and missing another at the MAC and HQ. 
Is that what March Madness means?
I hope not!
I think Portland is just becoming more and more beautiful 
and so the traffic goes . . .  
I know I will be leaving earlier and creating new routes. 

I gotta dance, just gotta dance!
Hello April!
Hello Sunrise!
Hello Dancers!

all classes as normally scheduled through April 30th
a few subs for the following classes
4/4, 4/7 and 4/22 7 am NIA will be taught by Mechelle Damis

Anita's Studio Class Schedule (everyone welcome)
no 4/1 Fri class
no 4/4 Mon class
4/6 Wed
4/8 Fri
4/10 Mon
4/13 Wed
4/15 Fri
4/17 Mon
4/20 Wed
no 4/22 Fri class
4/24 Mon
4/27 Wed
4/29 Fri

NIA HQ Class Schedule
4/6 and 4/20 at 5:45 pm (everyone welcome)

Please share this email with anyone you may know who desires to feel good! 
Invite them to any of our classes and sense 

Through Movement We Find Health.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Hey Peeps ~ welcome back from Spring Break ~ 
here is my schedule for the end of March. Let's get fit and... 
Love your body, Love your Life!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Anita's NIA Week 3/21

It's going to be a busy week. My NIA schedule with my human tribe and then my horse tribe ~ a day at Many Hawks Ranch riding Primrosa (thank you Sylvia Boon) and Shiggy and 2 days at Kane Creek at the School of Connected Riding with Pete, Bro, Fancy, Lily, Mazzi, Jackie, Joy, Robbie, Dari and Demi (thank you Coral Autumn and Peggy Cummings). Human dance time and Connected horse time ~ I love my life! #LivingNia #studionia #niatechnique

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dancing at the MAC, Anita's Studio and NIA HQI love Spring in Oregon. 

The Equinox brings our beings into the first day of Spring, 
Nature blooming all around us.
Our sunrise is earlier now, and nightfall comes later. 
Plants are sprouting. Winds are softening. Our bodies begin to enjoy the warmer days of spring. 
Our eyes lift to the brighter skies,
the earth slowly begins to become firmer under our feet. 
We shed our coats and reveal new skin. Mmmm and we dance new beginnings. 
I hope you are enjoying JOY and we will be exploring PULSE shortly. 
Our next routine immersion - Saturday, 3/19/2016 PULSE ~ RSVP 


all classes as normally scheduled through March 31st

Anita's Studio Class Schedule (everyone welcome) 
3/2 Wed
no 3/4 Fri class
3/7 Mon
3/9 Wed
3/11 Fri
3/14 Mon
3/16 Wed
3/18 Fri
3/21 Mon
3/23 Wed
no 3/25 Fri class
3/28 Mon
3/30 Wed
no 3/31 Fri class 

NIA HQ Class Schedule 
3/9 and 3/23 at 5:45 pm (everyone welcome) 

Please share this email with anyone you may know who desires to feel good! 

Invite them to any of our classes and sense

Through Movement We Find Health.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Dancing Joy in all of Anita's NIA Classes this week. 

Join me at the MAC, Anita's Studio (MWF 9 am) orStudioNia (Wed 5:45 pm).

~Thank you Ann Christiansen

what a delightful elixir of Music, Movement and JoyFull magic. 

We are sensing the life force!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Inviting JOY into your life ~ February Routine Immersion 2/20

Join Anita for a Routine Immersion PlayShop

Satuday, February 20th, 8:30 am - Noon at Anita's Studio

JOY is the latest "hot off the press"  NIA Routine created by Ann Christiansen. 
The intent is to sustain and increase the sensation of JOY through the use of spirals and lines.  
Each Kata originates from the body center, 
activating a flow of energy along the bones and around the joints into SMILE lines (yes your body can smile)

The spirals are balanced with mobility and stability, 
using clock patterns to relax into power from behind and underneath (like riding a horse)
moving intrinsic layers of connective tissue.

The simplicity and timing with the music 
creates a joyful aliveness to connect you to dancing with full mobility (motion is lotion)  

We will break down the moves and piece them back together in the first 2 hours
 and commence with a full hour of JOY! (putting learning into action)

JOY has a simplicity, remaining in the kata rhythimacally longer to find and sustain JOY.

Routine Immersions are designed to connect and educate us to the NIA Technique,
improve our "workout" goals and to encourage pesonalizing and trusting that 
every move of the body provides JOY!

Click here to register

$35 at Anita's Studio
4625 SW 53rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon, 97221

Saturday, Feb 20th 
8:30 am - noon

no experience needed or judgement
purposeful connection with community
nurturing your muse
doing something you have always wanted to try within a safe, nurturing environment

Finding the JOY in "Working Out" and Calendar Announcements


I will be out of town from 2/1 - 2/5.

All MAC classes will be subbed 
EXCEPT Wed 2/3 at 7am.

Anita's Studio classes will be cancelled for the week 2/1-2/5.
We will have an additional NIA class this week
1/25, 1/27 and 1/29 
9-10:15 am

I will be teaching at StudioNIA HQ
1/27 at 5:45pm

And read this .... please

NIA's 1st principle is the JOY of Movement. 
Within the NIA program we practice unifying thinking, sensing, feeling 
to become conscious movers, joyful dancers, sacred athletes. 
NIA, FloorPlay and FreeDance 
creatively engages all 6 sensations of movement 
~ flexibility, agility, mobility, speed, strength and stability ~
to ENHANCE the intensity of our workout.  
To "workout" we use thinking, sensing, feeling 
to help recognize JOYFUL behavior patterns in our movement.
In NIA we encourage personalizing to EXPERIMENT
and let go of FEAR and move into TRUST that every move of the body 
provides an opportunity to create fitness when we move with PURPOSE.  
When we do we are able to distinguish between the 6 sensations of movement 
and self monitor our physical body without judgement.

In 2016, 
BALANCE perfecting the NIA Technique, your posture and on and on with 
CREATING movement for pleasure, for joy, for the MUSE within you.

Thank you for the gifts you bring to the dance floor.
Your journey inspires my journey!


Sunday, January 17, 2016

This Week at Anita's Studio

Hi Everyone, 

YES we will have class on Monday 1/18, MLK day.   So schedule as usual. Mon and Wed AND ....

How about class this Friday too!  All this rain makes me want to dance.  Gotta shine some light!  Could play with Friday FreeDANCE!

You in?  Let me know.
See you on the dance floor!


Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Finally we get to dance at Anita's Studio 
1/6 Wed 9am 

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Dance for JOY
Dance for LOVE

Anita's Studio
let's begin again 1/4
Mon and Wed
9-10:15 am

See you on the dance floor!