Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Where will Anita be spreading the Joy of Movement from 12/16 - 12/24?

Dancing Friends,

Bailando!  Thank you to those who attended the workshop and sizzled with dancing passion!  

And thank you dancers for showing up to Dance the Joy of Movement!

YOU are a gift to my life!

All NIA MAC club classes are AS scheduled thru Dec 24th.  From 12/26-1/3, I will be taking time off.  However, all classes will have a substitute!  Yippee!

If you want to dance MORE joy below is information about Anita's Studio and NIA HQ thru Dec 24th:

As a reminder, Wed, 12/16 we will NOT have 9 am class at Anita's Studio since I have a training from 9-2:30pm.  

HOWEVER, I was just asked to teach at 5:45PM at the NIA HQ tomorrow nite, (Wed, 12/16) So come and dance downtown with me!

We WILL have class, Fri, 12/18 at 9am at Anita's Studio!

And, next week looks like this:  
12/21 Mon, 9am Anita's Studio
12/23 Wed, 9am Anita's Studio
12/23 Wed, 5:45pm NIA HQ

And then I will be taking time off from teaching but still dancing through life til 1/3/2016. 

Hope to see my dancing friends on the DANCE floor and give you a juicy HUG before the year ends!


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bailando Routine Immersion Dec 14th

Heat UP December 14th with the Bailando! NIA Routine
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Heat it Up with the NIA Routine Bailando! PlayShop
December 14th, 11:30am - 2:30pm

SIZZLE with this lively routine spotlighting the hips, head and heart.
Bringing passion into your dance with high octane latin vibes!

Bailando! inspires you to let loose and blend movement with body alchemy,
expressing sensuality and strength in your dance
as well as challenging the brain with new patterns.

This routine immersion playshop is designed to take you deeper into your NIA practice. Learn the moves, so you can energize the moves and take your body, mind and emotions to the full expression of the JOY of movement!


Come embody the JOY OF MOVEMENT!

Dress to Sizzle!

at Anita's Studio
4625 SW 53rd Avenue
Click here to register

Mi Amor,


December Dance Schedule at Anita's Studio

Ho, ho, ho ~ here we go ~ holiday dancing ~ to keep you all connected to what is important ~ our health, our happiness, our heart.

December Dance Schedule at Anita's Studio 9-10:15 am (note 2 Fridays of dancing!) 
Dec 2 ~ Wed
Dec 7 ~ Mon
Dec 9 ~ Wed
Dec 11 ~ Fri
Dec 14 ~ Mon
Dec 18 ~ Fri * note no Wed 10/16 class
Dec 21 ~ Mon
Dec 23 ~ Wed ~ our last dance of 2015 ~ join for an after dance coffee and frittata ~ to celebrate community!
Classes resume on Jan 4, 2016

please RSVP to class committment and celebration