Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October Dancing at Anita's NIA Studio

October Dancing

Manifesting and Being while Dancing NIA.
We have started the month with a focus of manifesting and being during this fertile harvest month.

As we step in to the dojo I am asking all of us to consider the triad 

Self * Environment * Community

How you reflect the qualities you desire from your Self, from Environment and from Community.

In the safety of the dojo, we can freely relate to the 3 from all 4 realms ~ the physical, the mental, the spiritual and the emotional.

Creating, receiving and giving as we reflect one another.

So let's dance on these days
10/7 Fri
10/10 Mon
10/12 Wed
10/14 Fri
10/17 Mon
10/19 Wed
10/21 Fri
10/24 Mon
10/26 Wed
10/28 Fri
10/31 Mon

Self * Environment * Community