Sunday, January 24, 2016

Inviting JOY into your life ~ February Routine Immersion 2/20

Join Anita for a Routine Immersion PlayShop

Satuday, February 20th, 8:30 am - Noon at Anita's Studio

JOY is the latest "hot off the press"  NIA Routine created by Ann Christiansen. 
The intent is to sustain and increase the sensation of JOY through the use of spirals and lines.  
Each Kata originates from the body center, 
activating a flow of energy along the bones and around the joints into SMILE lines (yes your body can smile)

The spirals are balanced with mobility and stability, 
using clock patterns to relax into power from behind and underneath (like riding a horse)
moving intrinsic layers of connective tissue.

The simplicity and timing with the music 
creates a joyful aliveness to connect you to dancing with full mobility (motion is lotion)  

We will break down the moves and piece them back together in the first 2 hours
 and commence with a full hour of JOY! (putting learning into action)

JOY has a simplicity, remaining in the kata rhythimacally longer to find and sustain JOY.

Routine Immersions are designed to connect and educate us to the NIA Technique,
improve our "workout" goals and to encourage pesonalizing and trusting that 
every move of the body provides JOY!

Click here to register

$35 at Anita's Studio
4625 SW 53rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon, 97221

Saturday, Feb 20th 
8:30 am - noon

no experience needed or judgement
purposeful connection with community
nurturing your muse
doing something you have always wanted to try within a safe, nurturing environment

Finding the JOY in "Working Out" and Calendar Announcements


I will be out of town from 2/1 - 2/5.

All MAC classes will be subbed 
EXCEPT Wed 2/3 at 7am.

Anita's Studio classes will be cancelled for the week 2/1-2/5.
We will have an additional NIA class this week
1/25, 1/27 and 1/29 
9-10:15 am

I will be teaching at StudioNIA HQ
1/27 at 5:45pm

And read this .... please

NIA's 1st principle is the JOY of Movement. 
Within the NIA program we practice unifying thinking, sensing, feeling 
to become conscious movers, joyful dancers, sacred athletes. 
NIA, FloorPlay and FreeDance 
creatively engages all 6 sensations of movement 
~ flexibility, agility, mobility, speed, strength and stability ~
to ENHANCE the intensity of our workout.  
To "workout" we use thinking, sensing, feeling 
to help recognize JOYFUL behavior patterns in our movement.
In NIA we encourage personalizing to EXPERIMENT
and let go of FEAR and move into TRUST that every move of the body 
provides an opportunity to create fitness when we move with PURPOSE.  
When we do we are able to distinguish between the 6 sensations of movement 
and self monitor our physical body without judgement.

In 2016, 
BALANCE perfecting the NIA Technique, your posture and on and on with 
CREATING movement for pleasure, for joy, for the MUSE within you.

Thank you for the gifts you bring to the dance floor.
Your journey inspires my journey!


Sunday, January 17, 2016

This Week at Anita's Studio

Hi Everyone, 

YES we will have class on Monday 1/18, MLK day.   So schedule as usual. Mon and Wed AND ....

How about class this Friday too!  All this rain makes me want to dance.  Gotta shine some light!  Could play with Friday FreeDANCE!

You in?  Let me know.
See you on the dance floor!


Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Finally we get to dance at Anita's Studio 
1/6 Wed 9am 

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Dance for JOY
Dance for LOVE

Anita's Studio
let's begin again 1/4
Mon and Wed
9-10:15 am

See you on the dance floor!