Tuesday, October 30, 2012

November NIA Focus and Class Schedule

Awareness of Muscles
Sensing Flexibility

By design, your muscles are the ultimate shape-shifter.  
There are 620 muscles in your body designed to
create, generate and release energy.
Move your muscles and you will energize what is in you and that which is outside of you!

Anita's Classes November Class Schedule $12 each (I am now offering more classes -please make the commitment to yourSELF)
10/31 Wed 8:30 am
11/2 Fri 8:30 am
11/7 Wed 8:30 am
11/9 Fri 8:30 am
11/14 Wed 8:30 am
11/21 Wed 8:30 am
11/28 Wed 8:30 am
if there is interest ~ I will have class on 11/30 Fri ~ let me hear from you

Anita Stark
The Body's Way to Joy and Happiness
NIA Black Belt Facilitator
Through Movement We Find Health

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Focus at Anita's Classes

October Focus at Anita's Classes

Sensing Strength Through the Connective Tissues

Connective tissue shapes your body and creates structure.  It's everywhere ~ storing energy, protecting organs, serving as a structural framework, and connecting all body tissues ~ the Pillar of Strength. 
Connective Tissue is designed to Move, Move, Move
Let's Dance
Anita's Classes October Class Schedule (I am now offering more classes -please make the commitment to yourSELF)
10/3 Wed 8:30 am
10/5 Fri 8:30 am
10/10 Wed 8:30 am
10/17 Wed 8:30 am
10/19 8:30 am
10/24 8:30 am
10/31 8:30 am

Oct 6th Women's Retreat
Relax, Rejuvenate, Renew 
$119 at Anita's Studio
Why attend:
You have too much going on & need a break
You are feeling stuck
Need space to reconnect to yourself
Feel like you've lost your spark

Elevate your mind, body, spirit