Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pearl #17 Your Wellness Toolbox

As of late many student friends and I say student friends because I do share my teachings with my students and I also share my heart with my students ~ therefore we are student friends. And I am a student friend to them as well. The follower/leader relationship flows perfectly back and forth with ease because it comes from the heart. We are heart-centered beings.
That said, recently I have had new student friends join in on my classes. Often times in the new transition I hear "I used to do run or I use to lift weights and that kept my body svelte. I did the this diet and it worked. But it doesn't work anymore." And my first question is "are you still motivated to do those things for your wellness program". And the answer is "No not really but I want the results that I use to get".
So search for something more balanced. Chances are you were only utilizing the physical body to create pleasure and acceptance in life. There are 3 other realms that I would like for you to consider when developing your wellness program: mental
When I approach my wellness program - nutrition and exercise - I touch on each realm - the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. I seek out a wellness program to feel clarity that my choices are bringing pleasure into my life at that moment and into the future. I can also look back into the past and say I am satisfied with the movement I just did and what I just ate to nourish my being. Your wellness program is not one thing like pilates or yoga or Nia or running or a diet. It is a toolbox that you go to on any given day to bring pleasure into your life. YOU create your toolbox by constantly learning and exploring new ways to take care of your body. You own your wellness toolbox and you have choices as to what goes in your toolbox. Keep adding to it all the time because the body at a cellular level is changing every moment. And the stimulation of learning is what keeps us alive and well!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pearl #16 Learn to Heal

Thank you all for your kind words and healing thoughts. Yes, my knee hurts and it is a temporary state in my body. None-the-less the more I educate myself about my injury and how my body will heal the more connection I have in the process of MY healing.
My medical doctor is wonderful. He always appreciates that I come in with an investigative sense of what is happening in my body. And he knows his job is to teach me the best way to heal blending my healing modalities and his healing modalities. We both leave with a plan. A plan for healing.
What is your plan for your healing journey? Healing is a journey. Their are many routes we can take on our healing journey. For me, I have a team of healers that I call on depending on my need for healing. Some are alternative therapies others are medical therapies and most often I combine the two. There is a science, a craft and an art to healing. The science is what is happening scientifically to my body. Here is where you investigate, read, go to the doctor and try to understand your body, the symptoms and finally the diagnosis. Understanding your diagnosis allows you to apply your craft in healing. What modalities you will use in your healing and why. What team of healers can you call on to help you heal? Do the modalities offered make since to my body? The third is the art of healing - embracing the healing. This is the journey - the art of knowing your sacred SELF. How you manifest the healing in your journey is the art.
We all need healing ~ the world needs healing daily. At times the healing is outwardly noticeable and other times it is inward and deep inside and hidden. Just take notice and begin to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Happy healing.