Saturday, April 5, 2014

APRIL Focus ~ Awareness of Elbow

Awareness of Elbow

Sensing Precision

Tuesday, April 8 am Studio 3, $8 MAC Club
followed by 9 am NIA Class

Through the month of April 
at the MAC Club and Anita's Classes 
we will focus on the elbow joint!

Throughout April we're exploring the elbow joint,
a shallow hinge joint formed by your upper arm bone;
the humerous and your two forearm bones;
the ulna and radius.

Surprise yourSELF by mastering the technique of using the elbow to initiate hand and arm moves, 
such as executing martial art blocks, hand strikes, punches, and elbow strikes. 
Be able to deliver the movement with greater precision, control, power, and grace. 
And here is the surprise: the wear and tear sensed in the shoulders and back may magically disappeared, 
all because theThe Body’s Way becomes present — respecting the intelligent function of your body.