Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October Dancing at Anita's NIA Studio

October Dancing

Manifesting and Being while Dancing NIA.
We have started the month with a focus of manifesting and being during this fertile harvest month.

As we step in to the dojo I am asking all of us to consider the triad 

Self * Environment * Community

How you reflect the qualities you desire from your Self, from Environment and from Community.

In the safety of the dojo, we can freely relate to the 3 from all 4 realms ~ the physical, the mental, the spiritual and the emotional.

Creating, receiving and giving as we reflect one another.

So let's dance on these days
10/7 Fri
10/10 Mon
10/12 Wed
10/14 Fri
10/17 Mon
10/19 Wed
10/21 Fri
10/24 Mon
10/26 Wed
10/28 Fri
10/31 Mon

Self * Environment * Community


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Here we go dancing darlings

I am excited to dance in the shimmering lights of the fall.  The autumn leaves dance in the air and gracefully color the earth with warmth as we prepare for the change of seasons, change of moods, change of weather.

I love our lives coming together for an hour or more of divine dancing. Thank you for lighting up the space with your being~ness.

Here is the September schedule.  Let me kow what you will be attending by RSVP'ing to this email with your name by the date.

9.7 Wed
9.9 Fri
9.12 Mon
9.14 Wed
9.16 Fri
9.19 Mon
9.21 Wed
9.23 no class 
9.26 Mon
9.28 Wed
9.30 Fri

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I will see you on the dance floor!