The Body's Way

The Body's Way

Monday, August 10, 2015

August 2015 schedule update!!!!!

I am shifting our remaining August dance and partial September schedule to just Wednesdays.  Several of you are going on vacation on Fridays and I think I will too!

So here are the classes for August and Sept.  

8/12 Wed 
8/19 Wed 
8/26 Wed  
9/2 Wed
9/9 Wed
9/14 Mon
9/16 Wed
9/21 Mon
9/23 Wed
9/28 Mon
9/30 Wed

Also note,  another shift.  Beginning Sept 14th we will have class on Mon and Wed.  I took a poll and this seems to work with everyones schedule.  

See you on the dance floor!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Class Dedication #livingnia #throughmovementwefindhealth

Good Morning,
Please join me  tomorrow at our 9 am NIA Class for a MAGICal healing Dance for Del and Kaki Brenneman.  Kaki dances with all of us on a regular basis in our classes at the MAC.  We will be dedicating the class to Del, whose life force has been shifting into a "new normal" with Adenocarcinoma, yep the big C, stage 4. The optimal  treatment for Del is a new trial immunotherapy treatment and SUPPORT.  
I have thought long and hard about what can we do for Kaki and Del as a tribe.  The answer ~ a NIA class dedication ~ a collective and powerful way join together to create a healing dedication as we purposely dance  "Through Movement We Find Health".
If you like, wear something colorful and healing ~ pinks and purples are lovely but really express yourself in your own unique way.  Show up for yourSELF and for Del and Kaki.  

I will see you on the dance floor.

Thank you and Experience the Joy of Movement,


Monday, June 29, 2015

Anita's Studio July Schedule

Hi JOYful dancing beings,

Ahh! the dance floor awaits you!

Here is the July dance schedule for Anita's Studio in SW Portland:

7/1 Wed
7/8 Wed
7/10 Fri
7/15 Wed
7/17 Fri
7/22 Wed
7/24 Fri
7/29 Wed
7/31 Fri

9 am- 10:15 am

Come and join the DANCE there is plenty of room on the dance floor.

I look forward to dancing with you in July.  I will send out the August schedule towards the end of the month.

See you on the dance floor!


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer Classes are happening

Hello Lovelies,

Dancing has been ongoing and strong since summer.  I recently completed our first MoveDeep Intensive at Anita's Studio on May 29-31st.  Eight beautiful women transformed their body mind and spirit through tuning in to their own body's wisdom.  We used the 52 Moves as our technical springboard and experiential exercises to Dive Deeper into our own Conscious Personal Trainer.

So the dancing at Anita's Classes continues on Wed and Fri at 9am.  Drop-ins are welcome to join in this 75 minute class.  On the first of every month we dance on Monday as well!

Classes at the MAC Club are expanding again too.  I will be adding a 9th class on Thurs at 7 am ~ MoveIT.  This 52 Moves interval class is also offered at 7 am on Tues and the members have been rocking at it!

Personally, my own body feels supple and free of pain ~ oh yes I do have achey joints at times when I just can't sit down during my 15 hour days.  To be expected.  Come and do this practice.  It will keep you healthy, happy and you will leave with a smile.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spring is here ~ I have been so busy!

I can't believe I have been so busy.  I am teaching Sunday thru Friday ~ 12 classes a week and loving every class.  Beautiful tribes dancing the melodies of life!

I have added a MoveIT class at the MAC club on Tuesdays at 7 ~ and it is a hit!

I have created a few mail chimp email newsletter about the happenings ~ please click here to see more.

Gotta run!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year

Begin with your breath to ReCalibrate.  Feel every cycle of the breath as a recalibration for your mind, body, emotions and spiritual self.  Align to your breath and dance to recalibrate.  Enjoy!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Class Schedule for the remaining 2014!

Hi Dancers!

December has been lively at the MAC and at Anita's Studio.  Thank you to those of you who attended the doTerra Essence Oil Event at my Studio.  It was educational, full of divine smells and a lovely ladies afternoon.  I just received my order and am having Frankenscence oil tea.  Yum!  If you are interested in having another event please let me know and I will set it up with Yamuna!

Thanks to YOU classes in December were well attended and full of energy.  The MAC Studio and Anita's Studio feels so vibrant when you "show up", boogie in your "bare feet" and "tune" your energy with the Joy of Movement.  I look forward to rounding out 2014 more energetic classes.  I love dancing with you!

For the remaining month of December here is where you can find me teaching:

At the MAC
Sun Dec 21     9am FloorPlay and 10 am NIA
Mon Dec 22   7 am NIA
Tues Dec 23   8am FloorPlay and 9 am NIA
Wed Dec 24   7 am NIA
Sun Dec 28     9am FloorPlay and 10 am NIA
Mon Dec 29   7 am NIA
Tues Dec 30   8am FloorPlay and 9 am NIA
Fri Jan 2  7am NIA NIA
Sun Jan 4    9am FloorPlay and 10 am NIA
normal schedule resumes for Jan 2015

At Anita's Studio, 
Mon Dec 22   9 -10:15 am
Mon Dec 29   9 -10:15 am
My normal schedule which will resume Jan 5th and I will teach Wed and Fri 9 -10:15.

You are always welcome to attend my classes at Anita's Studio.  If you are interested let me know and I will add you to that mailing list for the continuous class schedule.  I occasionally will add a Monday class in 2015!

A note about Floor Play ~ this class is continually evolving and in a creative process.  Speak up ~ I would like to hear from  you as to what you need or desire during that hour. 

Look forward to seeing you before 2015 begins!

With Love,