Wednesday, December 13, 2017

No Class 12/15, Last chance to dance 2017 is Wednesday, 12/27

LAST CHANCE TO DANCE  in 2017 at Anita's Studio

Wednesday 12/27

9:00 am

Bring family and friends…..


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Remaining 2017 Schedule at Anita's Studio

Remaining 2017 schedule (can you believe it)


11/17 Fri
11/20 - 11/24 Anita’s Studio Closed ~ Happy Thanksgiving
11/27 Mon
11/29 Wed
12/1 Mon
12/4 Mon
12/6 Wed
12/8 Fri
12/11 Mon 
12/13 Wed
12/15 Fri
12/18 - 12/26 Anita’s Studio Closed ~ Happy Holidays
12/27 Wed
1/1 Mon NO CLASS ~ Happy 2018
1/3 Wed Classes resume
1/5 Fri

BTW the 12/27 and 12/29 classes are favorites of mine.  
You often bring your friends and family who are in town visiting.
All are welcome!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

GRATITUDE ~ 1 minute read

Over my 27 years of teaching NIA I often receive "gratitude" notes from those who take class from me. I want to share this particular insight about self-awareness/healing from our community. Here is just one that I received the other day ~ I respect the privacy of every dancer and share this anonymously and with permission. I love the way this practitioner relates this bounty of work to spatial exploration on the dance floor and in the forest. EnJOY.... a 1 minute read: Hi Anita. I am really enjoying the way you always bring new movement explorations to our practice. What I have been noticing lately is more flexibility in my chest and rib cage. I realize that it is not uncommon for me to just hold my chest rigid. This is probably partly due to my asthma, which fortunately is much better than it used to be. I have spent decades splinting my chest, holding it rigid, just to allow air flow. As I get more mobility I feel an incredible sense of ease. I also like doing movements to "2 o'clock, 10 o'clock, 8 o'clock and 4 o'clock. The usual axis for most of our activity is 12 and 6. The next most common axis is 3 and 9. Beginning to move intentionally into the in between axes( yes this is the plural of axis, I looked it up!) gets us off our usual paths into the territory in between that has always bee there, but that we don't often enter intentionally because of our habits. It is similar to what I have discovered by mushrooming where you have to get off the trails (where it is allowed like in state and federal forests) to find the mushrooms. Suddenly you realize you have been living on a narrow path in the woods and you discover an entire world that you have in the past simply passed by. I feel the same thing is happening with my body, whether I am reaching in to 5:30 or 2:15, or going down, rolling on the floor and standing up on my tippy toes. I learn there is freedom for my body, and by extension for my spirit and my life that I am just beginning to explore. As always, thank you! Thank you helping me to ground, helping me to soar, helping me to dance, helping me to live fully! From Anita: I AM SO THANKFUL!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

NOVEMBER CLASSES at Anita's Studio

PLEASE RSVP to the classes you will be attending in November
to the best of your knowledge
11/1 Wed
11/3 Fri
11/6 Mon
11/8 Wed
11/10 Fri
11/13 Mon
11/15 Wed
11/17 Fri
11/20-11/27 taking my turkey to Malibu to celebrate Thanksgiving
11/27 Mon
11/29 Wed



Monday, September 4, 2017

Fall NIA Schedule at Anita's Studio

I am ready for the shift to cooler weather, schedules settling and the changing colors of fall.

Below is the fall schedule (Sept/Oct) for Anita’s Studio.

Classes are 9:00 am - 10:15 am

9/6 Wed
9/8 Fri
9/11 Mon
9/13 Wed
9/18 Mon 
9/20 Wed
9/22 Fri
9/25 Mon
9/27 Wed
10/2 Mon
10/4 Wed
10/6 Fri
10/9 Mon
10/11 Wed
10/13 Fri
10/16 Mon
10/18 Wed
10/20 Fri
10/23 Mon 
10/25 Wed
10/27 Fri
10/30 Mon

See you on the dance floor.


Saturday, August 12, 2017

PLEASE READ: Adjustment to final August Schedule For Anita's Classes ~ no Mondays

Good Morning Dancers,

I need to make an adjustment to our remaining August schedule.  We are shifting to just Wednesdays til the end of August.

Here are the remaining classes through August:

Wed 8/16
Wed 8/23
Wed 8/30

Classes will resume to full schedule Mon, Wed, Fri beginning Sept 6th.

one compassionate heart attracts another,

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Hi Summer Beauties,

Below are the dates for the Summer Schedule at Anita’s Studio. 

NOTE no Friday classes during July and August.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RSVP so we can get some dancing in to keep us all fit and strong for summer time play time.

If your new to our dance community, please contact me at, call or text 503-310-2864. 

Mon June 26 Wed June 28

Wed July 5 Mon July 10 Wed July 12 FRI JULY 14th NO CLASS at Anita’s Studio and  NIA at the Beach on Fri July 14th ~ overnite beach trip ~ thank you HEIDI!!!!!
Mon July 17 Wed July19 Mon July 24 Wed July 26 Mon July 31

Wed Aug 2ANITA”S STUDIO CLOSED 8/6-8/12Mon Aug 14Wed Aug 16Mon Aug 21Wed Aug 23Mon Aug 28Wed Aug 30

Mon, Wed, Fri class schedule resumes Sept 6th!