Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Here we go dancing darlings

I am excited to dance in the shimmering lights of the fall.  The autumn leaves dance in the air and gracefully color the earth with warmth as we prepare for the change of seasons, change of moods, change of weather.

I love our lives coming together for an hour or more of divine dancing. Thank you for lighting up the space with your being~ness.

Here is the September schedule.  Let me kow what you will be attending by RSVP'ing to this email with your name by the date.

9.7 Wed
9.9 Fri
9.12 Mon
9.14 Wed
9.16 Fri
9.19 Mon
9.21 Wed
9.23 no class 
9.26 Mon
9.28 Wed
9.30 Fri

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I will see you on the dance floor!


Monday, June 27, 2016

Hi Tribe,

I had a wonderful week spending time with my family camping/hiking in the Steen Mountains, visiting the Alvord Desert, playing tons of frisbee golf at MacIver Park, Hornings Hideout and a course close to our home.  I am continually amazed at how good I feel in my body.  
After 32 years of facilitating movement I still desire to move/dance/delight
in a flock, a herd, a pack, a school of movers.

Thank you for showing up so we can share the experience of JOY!
Each day my body feels capable of taking the practice off the dance floor and onward into feeling good in life.
Thank you body! 

And what have you discovered and thanked your body for of late?  
Please share with me!  
I find it so valuable to reflect on your body and say, 
"Wow body, you are...…"
Onward into July....here is what I propose for July. Which classes are YOU able to attend?  
Type your name by each date and reply back to me.

I am so grateful to share the love with kindred spirits on the dance floor.  

We share in the desire to continually liberate our bodies with movement, 
stir our souls with music and revitalize our emotions with the magic of community.

I look forward to dancing with you in July. Please RSVP by the end of June and we will co-create the July schedule.
7/6 Wed
7/8 Fri
7/11 Mon
7/13 Wed
7/15 Fri
7/18 Mon
7/20 Wed
7/22 Fri
7/25 Mon
7/27 Wed 
7/29 Fri

And let me know your August vacation dates  and I will begin putting together the final summer schedule.

Anita's Home Studio
4625 SW 53rd Avenue
Portland Oregon 97221

One heart attracts another,