Wednesday, April 4, 2018

April Schedule at Anita's NIA Schedule

April 2 Mon
April 4 Wed
April 6 Fri
April 9 Mon
April 11 Wed
April 13 Fri
April 16 Mon
April 18 Wed
April 20 Fri
April 23 Mon
April 24-April 30th ~ Anita gone to Malibu for Julians Graduation

CLASSES resume May 1st!

PLEASE RSVP your class commitments just to me!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

March 2018 Schedule


We had a lovely time in Maui.
Now back to dancing NIA.
Below is the March Schedule.

3/5 Mon
3/7 Wed
3/9 Fri
3/12 Mon
3/14 Wed
3/16 Fri
3/19 Mon
3/21 Wed
3/23 Fri
3/26 Mon
3/28 Wed
3/30 Fri NO CLASS

I would love to know why you come to dance?  Drop me a note as to “what’s in it for you"


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

February NIA Schedule at Anita's Studio

Have you noticed the birds outside already.  
It’s only February but spring is coming early

As they dance, the beings in a murmuration seem to be connected together.
They twist and turn and change direction at a music’s notice.
Oh they dance in community connection!
Join the murmuration at Anita’s Studio
every Mon, Wed, Fri at 9 am.

RSVP for February at Anita’s Studio
2/2 Mon
2/5 Mon
2/7 Wed
2/9 Fri
2/12 Mon
2/14 Wed
2/16 Fri
2/19 Mon
2/21 Wed
2/23-3/2 No class ~ Maui dancing on the beach


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

YES we will have 9 am class this Friday, 1/12 at Anita’s Studio

Hi Dancers,

YES we will have 9 am class this Friday, 1/12 at Anita’s Studio.

We will NOT have class on MON, MLK Day 1/15.

See you Friday on the dance floor!!!


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

How ready are you to dance in Jan 2018?

Happy 2018!

Change for me always creates enthusiasm, motivation and desire.  And you?  

Share with me what change does for you. Even if you can’t make class. I want to know. Your voice is important to me.

And sign up for your January month of classes at Anita’s Studio. 

1/3 Wed 
1/5 Fri
1/8 Mon
1/10 Wed
1/12 Fri No Class UNLESS you sign up and really want it ~ in other words are you out of town?
1/15 Mon MLK DAY ~ No Class UNLESS you sign up and really want it - in other words are you out of town?
1/17 Wed
1/19 Fri
1/22 Mon
1/24 Wed
1/26 Fri
1/29 Mon
1/31 Wed

See you on the dance floor!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Last chance to dance 2017 is Wednesday, 12/27

At Anita’s Studio
Wed 12/27 at 9 am
DANCING to this playlist, with YOU on the dance floor
bring your loved ones or love yourself and bring yourself

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Remaining 2017 Schedule at Anita's Studio

Remaining 2017 schedule (can you believe it)


11/17 Fri
11/20 - 11/24 Anita’s Studio Closed ~ Happy Thanksgiving
11/27 Mon
11/29 Wed
12/1 Mon
12/4 Mon
12/6 Wed
12/8 Fri
12/11 Mon 
12/13 Wed
12/15 Fri
12/18 - 12/26 Anita’s Studio Closed ~ Happy Holidays
12/27 Wed
1/1 Mon NO CLASS ~ Happy 2018
1/3 Wed Classes resume
1/5 Fri

BTW the 12/27 and 12/29 classes are favorites of mine.  
You often bring your friends and family who are in town visiting.
All are welcome!