The Body's Way

The Body's Way

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I love this image.
Perfect for our stormy weather!
Come and light up your inner self 
with my new routine
Dance with me on Wed, 11/18
9 am at Anita's Studio
5:45 pm at StudioNIA.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Extra classes this week 10/19-10/23

Hi all,

THIS WEEK 10/19-10/23

In addition to my weekly ongoing Anita's Studio Classes, 4625 SW 53rd Ave. on:
Mon and Wed:  9 am - 10:15 am

I will also be teaching at the NIA Headquarters, Dwtn, 918 SW Yamhill, 4th floor on:
10/21 Wed 5:45 pm
10/23 Fri 5:45pm

Dance with me at either location this week! AND please share if you have a friend in need of a dance high!


Sunday, August 30, 2015

September Dance Schedule at Anita's Studio and HQ StudioNIA

Hi Dancers,

In less than 24 hours we will be approaching September ~ a shift for many of us from summer to fall.  Oh I love this time savoring the last of the summer and yet generating new energy and desires for the last quarter of the year.

My new teaching schedule for September at Anita's Studio is listed below as well as an be additional class at StudioNIA, HQ alternating Wednesday evenings at 5:45pm. I will job/class share this class with Debbie Rosas​ and trainers when they hold their amazing intensives. So you will have a variety of master teachers to dance with and create community with ~ I am so excited to step in!

I haven't taught in the evenings in ages so I will be developing "new to me skills" again and shifting my energy.  I am excited to have an evening class at HQ StudioNIA, 918 SW Yamhill. Come and dance mornings or evenings, as I I want to dance with as many as I can and say YES to this lovely body of work that I have been practicing since 1988. I would love help spreading the word and building community.

Anita's September Schedule
AS is my studio @ 4625 SW 53rd Avenue, now on Mon and Wed at 9 am!
HQ is the HQ StudioNIA, 918 SW Yamhill, 3rd Floor, Wed 5:45 pm

9/2  Wed 9 am AS
9/2  Wed 5:45 pm HQ
9/9  Wed 9 am AS
9/14 Mon 9 am AS
9/16 Wed 9 am AS
9/16  Wed 5:45 pm HQ
9/21 Mon 9 am AS
9/23 Wed 9 am AS
9/28 Mon 9 am AS
9/30 Wed 9 am AS
9/30  Wed 5:45 pm HQ

And yes I am still teaching at the MAC 9 classes a week.   Crazy and I love this body of work and so does my mind, body and relationship to life!


Monday, August 10, 2015

August 2015 schedule update!!!!!

I am shifting our remaining August dance and partial September schedule to just Wednesdays.  Several of you are going on vacation on Fridays and I think I will too!

So here are the classes for August and Sept.  

8/12 Wed 
8/19 Wed 
8/26 Wed  
9/2 Wed
9/9 Wed
9/14 Mon
9/16 Wed
9/21 Mon
9/23 Wed
9/28 Mon
9/30 Wed

Also note,  another shift.  Beginning Sept 14th we will have class on Mon and Wed.  I took a poll and this seems to work with everyones schedule.  

See you on the dance floor!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Class Dedication #livingnia #throughmovementwefindhealth

Good Morning,
Please join me  tomorrow at our 9 am NIA Class for a MAGICal healing Dance for Del and Kaki Brenneman.  Kaki dances with all of us on a regular basis in our classes at the MAC.  We will be dedicating the class to Del, whose life force has been shifting into a "new normal" with Adenocarcinoma, yep the big C, stage 4. The optimal  treatment for Del is a new trial immunotherapy treatment and SUPPORT.  
I have thought long and hard about what can we do for Kaki and Del as a tribe.  The answer ~ a NIA class dedication ~ a collective and powerful way join together to create a healing dedication as we purposely dance  "Through Movement We Find Health".
If you like, wear something colorful and healing ~ pinks and purples are lovely but really express yourself in your own unique way.  Show up for yourSELF and for Del and Kaki.  

I will see you on the dance floor.

Thank you and Experience the Joy of Movement,


Monday, June 29, 2015

Anita's Studio July Schedule

Hi JOYful dancing beings,

Ahh! the dance floor awaits you!

Here is the July dance schedule for Anita's Studio in SW Portland:

7/1 Wed
7/8 Wed
7/10 Fri
7/15 Wed
7/17 Fri
7/22 Wed
7/24 Fri
7/29 Wed
7/31 Fri

9 am- 10:15 am

Come and join the DANCE there is plenty of room on the dance floor.

I look forward to dancing with you in July.  I will send out the August schedule towards the end of the month.

See you on the dance floor!