Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Where will Anita be spreading the Joy of Movement from 12/16 - 12/24?

Dancing Friends,

Bailando!  Thank you to those who attended the workshop and sizzled with dancing passion!  

And thank you dancers for showing up to Dance the Joy of Movement!

YOU are a gift to my life!

All NIA MAC club classes are AS scheduled thru Dec 24th.  From 12/26-1/3, I will be taking time off.  However, all classes will have a substitute!  Yippee!

If you want to dance MORE joy below is information about Anita's Studio and NIA HQ thru Dec 24th:

As a reminder, Wed, 12/16 we will NOT have 9 am class at Anita's Studio since I have a training from 9-2:30pm.  

HOWEVER, I was just asked to teach at 5:45PM at the NIA HQ tomorrow nite, (Wed, 12/16) So come and dance downtown with me!

We WILL have class, Fri, 12/18 at 9am at Anita's Studio!

And, next week looks like this:  
12/21 Mon, 9am Anita's Studio
12/23 Wed, 9am Anita's Studio
12/23 Wed, 5:45pm NIA HQ

And then I will be taking time off from teaching but still dancing through life til 1/3/2016. 

Hope to see my dancing friends on the DANCE floor and give you a juicy HUG before the year ends!