Wednesday, March 30, 2016

April NIA Schedule at the MAC, Anita's Studio and NIA HQ

Dancing at the MAC, Anita's Studio and NIA HQ

March ended with a little madness of me being late to a MAC class and missing another at the MAC and HQ. 
Is that what March Madness means?
I hope not!
I think Portland is just becoming more and more beautiful 
and so the traffic goes . . .  
I know I will be leaving earlier and creating new routes. 

I gotta dance, just gotta dance!
Hello April!
Hello Sunrise!
Hello Dancers!

all classes as normally scheduled through April 30th
a few subs for the following classes
4/4, 4/7 and 4/22 7 am NIA will be taught by Mechelle Damis

Anita's Studio Class Schedule (everyone welcome)
no 4/1 Fri class
no 4/4 Mon class
4/6 Wed
4/8 Fri
4/10 Mon
4/13 Wed
4/15 Fri
4/17 Mon
4/20 Wed
no 4/22 Fri class
4/24 Mon
4/27 Wed
4/29 Fri

NIA HQ Class Schedule
4/6 and 4/20 at 5:45 pm (everyone welcome)

Please share this email with anyone you may know who desires to feel good! 
Invite them to any of our classes and sense 

Through Movement We Find Health.