Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pearl #2: I over did it - Break the pattern!

As I started back teaching classes this week, I heard many of my students say "I overdrank, overate, stayed up to late, didn't move and on and on. Our human nature (mine too) is so fascinating ~ after overdoing it we vow and commit to changing our ways, regaining balance, shifting our perspective on exercise and diet (remember diet means the food we eat - not the food we restrict) and maybe other stuff in our lives too. But Monday I decided - no I have a practice and my practice remains with me at all times everyday throughout the day. The food choices I make and the movement choices I make fluidly (and I mean that) fluidly integrate into my day, every day. So when I walked into my 9 am class on Mon and Tues - my clients were ready, ready, ready to go. I love that energy and I can run like a racehorse with it and often times "blow myself out after class". Truly knowing I get to dance and move with group energy like that tickles the inside of my belly. I didn't let go of any of that feeling and yet I said to the class "Take it easy, we have all the time in the world to release those endorphins, toxins, get the heart and lungs motivated and create pure pleasure in the body. Take it easy! We are NOT going to make ourselves sore by stocking up on lactic acid in the muscles. We are going to ease and please the body". And that is what we did. We all left feeling so good and I have not a sore muscle, joint, tendon or ligament in my body. I can do without that at 46.
Through a positive practice you set into place even more positive practices - fueling and feeding your body with dietary choices that you know will ease and please the body.
I went to TJ Maxx today to buy an exercise ball to sit on (which please go out and buy one today and sit on it at your computer...more to come on that subject later) ~ and as I walked in the front door all the exercise clothes were lined up ~ circles and rows upon row and videos and bands and diet books and more and more stuff to say get fit now! Way overdone and the encouragement to but all this stuff was just more stuffing and not very realistic. But I smiled and thought my practice is such a daily part of my day ~ it lives and breathes within me all the time - I can honestly say I did not over do anything during my break. I took a rest from teaching to explore hiking, snowboarding, playing board games with my kids and laughing my stomach to incredible strength but I never over did anything.
PlEASE be careful of fad diets, overdoing it in your class, your run, your hike and at work and play ~ overdoing it can set you up for failure whether good or bad for you. BALANCE is the key.
Now go and exercise and eat to fuel and feed your body. And say thank you to your body...
And remember keep it simple. A 10 minute walk is better that doing nothing at all. Sitting on the floor and stretching for 5 minutes is better than doing nothing at all. 5 deep breaths is better than .......
And thank you all for your positive feedback on the blog. I feel I can serve even when I am not dancing with you!!!!