Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pearl #14 Fluidity

To let you know, I may miss a day of the week blogging but I will always be back. Things come up in life and the information doesn't always present itself easily. So I wait and remain fluid and when the information presents itself then I blog.
I use this concept in my daily movement practice. I encourage my clients to remain fluid about their bodies and to move fluidly in their bodies. I encourage my clients to do the same. I always ask my body to remain fluid no matter how much effort I am asking my body for. There are days when I walk into my class and the clients are bursting with energy. We harness the energy in our joints and stretch every movement as far as we can in the upward and the downward transitions and movements. And on the days when the energy is low we do the exact same ~ again we harness the energy that we have and move as deeply and fully as we can. So on both energy levels the movement is never forced or "blown out". The energy in YOUR body is consistently returned to a place of fluidity. This is how you listen to your body and create a constant flow of energy.