Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pearl #4 Stand in the four corners of your body...

You can read and do this at your computer.
Stand up and place your feet parallel and hip width apart. Now lift your toes off of the earth. There! I am sure your body rocked slightly back which tells you how much standing you were doing in the front of your body. Possibly your core engaged - especially your lower belly. Your solar plexus rose and lifted your ribcage which then opened your collarbone.
Stand in the four corners of your feet. Lift your toes. Notice how your body stacks itself differently - a little more balanced between the front, back, sides and top and bottom. It's easy - standing in the grocery store line lift your toes in your shoes (yes there is room - there better be or you need new shoes). Allow the instep of your foot to awaken, spread and lift and follow that sensation all the way up through your body out the top of the head. Now that's better - nothing had to lock and hold. The body said "thank you" for engaging. Try walking and lifting your toes - I know you can. The toes are tentacles. Seekers of information. The ball and heel of the foot are informational thoroughfares.
We want to feel the balance of our body weight between the ball of the foot and our heel. Feel the four corners of your feet. Lift the toes and feel how the pelvis, chest and head lengthen and suddenly realize they have four corners as well. Try this - lift the toes notice if tension releases elsewhere in your body. Did it? Become aware of how one movement behavior effects another relationship in your body.
It's simple and can be done anytime. Do it in the morning right when you step out of bed. AND connect 5 deep breaths to this practice. Take the moment before you head into the shower or have your tea. This is how you create a practice. Now go and lift your toes and stand in the four corners of your body!