Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pearl #13 Diet is not about elimination

I am going to change the subject today from the physical body to the emotional body. HOWEVER, reread Pearl #12 and allow those feet to OPEN and RELAX.
Last Saturday, I presented the cleansing workshop to a lovely group. I asked on Wednesday that they check in with me and let me know what they have learned in the first 5 days. I asked the participants to be gluten free and sugar free. I presented this FREE portion in such a way as replacing as opposed to taking away. i offered foods that can be eaten rather than what needs to be eliminated. Well the feedback has been wonderful! From I didn't realize how much sugar I was eating to sleep improvement to how limited I have been in my food choices to I love paying attention to myself on a deeper level.
That's it! Diet is not about elimination. But when I hear, especially in the new year - I am going on a diet. Such a dread and all the things I have to give up. Instead I look at it as a cleanse or a vacation from what I normally do - a change in my nourishment routine. It allows me to experiment with new foods. Expand my taste buds. Try a smorgasbord of yummy things to eat. Then when I end the cleansing my palette, my options, my choices for nourishment have opened up. I am re-energized. Just like taking a vacation!