Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pearl #15 Healing

Well lovely ones ~
From the time I started teaching 25 years ago in East Texas, then at Body Moves in Portland Oregon and then onto my own Home Studio many of you over the years
have said "Anita keep it real ~ you don't "guru" yourSELF, you help people connect to their bodies so they can heal and continue to learn about themSELVES, you raise your family, you work, you play, you take care of yourSELF and you continue to learn and grow".

Oh and one other ~ I also get injured. It's ok ~ I am REAL! Yesterday at Timberline I came off the lift and instead of running into the person standing at the bottom of the lift I decided to forsake my body instead of theirs and injured my medial collateral ligament (the inside ligament of my right knee). YES it really does hurt and YES I am hobbling. I am keeping it real.

BUT I did have fun yesterday. Was it worth it - yes it was because this injury is healable and temporary. It will only help me understand mySELF and YOU more.

So I need some time to re-coop. Get intervention from my healers and practice my latest healing triad - meditate, ice and re-organize.

I will not hold class from 2/4-2/8 at my home studio or at the MAC club.

I need one week to assess the movement and range of motion of my right knee and then learn how to teach with an injury while keeping it real.

YES, I know what I am doing I have been here before with other injuries.

I am keeping my head above water (not crying). Remaining positive will help me to heal for longevity. Life is moving along wonderfully in all of the classes I facilitate both morning, evening, at the MAC and the workshops. I am relishing the forward motion. Many of you have e-mailed me that you are bringing new people to class. Just asked them to wait til next Monday 2/11/2010 when we resume class.

Here is what I would like from you:

Keep your forward motion this week - walk, dust off old exercise videos, get some new ones, try a new class, stretch on your own, put some music on and dance, take out an exercise ball out play on it. Expand your movement option this week just like we do in class. Use your body intelligence to creatively move this week. And I welcome your healing thoughts. A person can never have to many!

You are your own sacred teacher and you are a sacred student.

AND I will see you next week starting 2/11/2010.

MAC Club members I will contact Valerie to see you she can facilitate your classes this Tues/Thurs. You will hear from me shortly.

love always

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