Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pearl #11 The feet again

So we have some basic alignment skills - standing in the four corners of the feet, the tailbone carrying our bodies forward and through, the navel lifting upward and the buoyancy of the ribcage. Let's go back down to the feet and do a series of moving our alignment through our whole body.
Stand with your feet parallel. Notice the distance between your feet. Just notice. Feel your hipbones - the body part of the top of the hip - the sensitive edge of the front of the hip that we often bump into a countertop - ouch! From your hipbone slide your hand down the front of the thigh in a straight line. If you are to the left or right of the center of your thigh then you are either standing too wide or too narrow. We want the line from the hipbone to the knee to be a straight line. If you are to narrow or to wide start the adjustment in the stance from the heel not the ball of the foot. Adjusting from the heel will release the back of the body - allowing the body to receive the adjustment without any tension. Now move your ball of the foot to line up with the heel. There you are now standing parallel and hip width apart. Notice how your buttocks release and when the buttocks release the lower back gently follows it's natural curve. The body is relaxed and standing in its four corners with the feet openly planted on the ground. Wiggle your toes and enjoy the rise through your whole body!