Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pearl #8 The Direction of the Navel

In Pearl # 7 I talked about the tailbone coming through to the front of the body. When you bring the tailbone through the front of the body the navel naturally joins with the spine. The navel moves inward slightly and upward. Try not to contract just feel the relationship of the tailbone scooping through to the front of the body and the navel moving inward and up the spine. Try not to tuck the tailbone and squeeze the navel. This is unnatural to the body.
You want to maintain the natural, beautiful curvature of the lower spine while lengthening the lower spine with a little help from the tailbone and the navel. It is a physical movement just not a huge amount of movement. imagine the pressure of a wet rag on the navel. Not to much not to little - the Goldilocks principal.
Simply follow the direction of the tailbone to the navel up the front of the body. I know it's happening ~ now the ribcage wants to lift off of the navel and and create self-carriage in the body. More to come on the ribcage in Pearl #9.