Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pearl #9 Try something new with your Body

Today at the club I had a woman walk in and ask what class I was about to teach. I said expressive movement. She ask if that meant dance and I replied yes but easy to follow. She remarked quickly as she was leaving that she had no rhythm before I could even let her know the pleasure the body receives from just swaying to music and that everyone can dance. At that moment I felt she had limited her joy in her body. She just communicated to her body that it has no rhythm and cannot dance.
I encourage you to try something new. And when you do, go with as much joy and confidence as you can muster during those humble and fumbling times of learning.
After my dance class today I took a basic yoga class. I've done yoga for awhile. It was a wonderful class. I allowed myself to completely take it in and feel every movement as if it were for the first time. And it was for the first time because I was truly in the moment. Try as many things as you can. Why limit yourSELF . Judgement will not serve you. If you want to return to love in your body then give it different experiences. Go and play!
Tomorrow we will get to the self-carriage in the ribs - I promise.