Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pearl #12 Openness of the foot

I want my feet to spread on the earth and feel their impression in the sand. Whether I roll in or out, have a high arch or flat foot I want to create as much contact and openness with my feet as I possibly can. My feet give me instant feedback WHEN I pay attention to them.
Feet can carry tension and clench just like your teeth can or your neck or your shoulders. Your feet are like a diagnostic tool for the body. If your toes are drawn in and clenching I can assure something else is drawn in and clenching in your body. When you sit at your computer do you draw your feet in at the arch as you think? Try to think and relax your feet. Unlock the sole of the feet my moving the spaces in between the bones of the feet. As you walk do you allow the feet to relax into the earth or do you drive the heels into the earth causing tension and forget to stretch and naturally roll through the center and up an away into the balls of the feet?
Feel your feet so that you can feel your body. This contact provides you with constant feedback. The majority of the day your feet are in contact with the earth. When you are at your desk or home or outside shed your shoes, wiggle your toes, flex the ball of your foot, lift your arches and free up your soles!