Monday, January 11, 2010

Pearl #6 Feeling Tired ? Realign yourSelf

If you are feeling tired due to stress, trying something new physically, didn't get enough sleep or for any number of reasons I really encourage you to re-align your body. Simply, stand in the four corners of your feet, take a breath in through the low belly, allow your spine to extend and ribcage to open. Here is the key ~ allow your body to feel the energy rise up the front of the body as you inhale. This is where the front of the shoulders will open through the clavicle (your collarbone). Now as you exhale feel the energy or sensation release over the top of the head and down the back of your body. So in a sense the energy or sensation rises up the front of the body and releases down the back of the body creating a continuous circular motion ~ up the front down the back flow. If you sit, walk or stand with your shoulders sloped forward then your energy will continue downward - down the front of the body. You will feel even more tired. Your eyes will strain to look forward. Your head (a body weight) will become heavy and the energy, feeling, sensation will became heavy and tired. Lift your head and open (don't tense) your shoulders, expand through the ribs and breathe. Lift your eyelids, softly not abruptly lift your chin and open the back of the neck. These small adjustments will help you to re-align your posture and get you through a day of feeling fatigued. AND you might participate in the joys of life a bit more.