Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pearl #3: A little is better than none at all

Over the years I have really, really encouraged my clients to come into class late or leave early if they need too. I don't find this to be rude. All of my clients are respectful of the learning environment that we have created in the classroom. I really stress to my clients that if you get caught in traffic and are 20 minutes late come to class anyway. I even have clients that have come into class the last 10 minutes.
Here is why I stress the importance of "a little is better than none at all". Even if you get only 10 minutes of movement you are setting a pattern into place - a behavioral change is occurring. The 10 minutes of movement still releases endorphins, relaxes and opens your body and sets a precedence to do this AGAIN. Our bodies love to move - really you do like to move. So when you give the body a little movement and then a little more you create a craving - a positive craving. Hmmm, that felt good for 10 minutes maybe next time I can make it to class for 20 minutes. A little is better than nothing at all. By the way, I have a bite of chocolate everyday. I love it and a little is better than leaving myself feeling resentful that I can't have something. And then suddenly one day having and emotional outbursts and eating every last crumb of chocolate in the cupboard. BALANCE!
So if you have 10 minutes left on your lunch break and not the 30 minutes you thought you had for a walk, go anyway and create positive patterns for yourSELF. We are all trying our best to live a balanced, healthy life and there are days when time just gets away from us or the weather doesn't cooperate or.... Sit on the floor and stretch, put on a favorite song and dance around the living room (the average length of a song is about 5 minutes). That's a nice amount of time to start with. Have fun with your practice!