Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sense Freedom within the Shoulder Joint

A healthy shoulder joint must coordinate your shoulder blade muscles, chest muscles, rotator cuff, and the upper arm muscles. 
Having body literacy of the shoulder joint is critical to upper body comfort.  

In order for your shoulder girdle to be in comfort your shoulder joint must have 4 healthy articulation points: 
Sternoclavicular joint, Scapulothoracic joint, Acromioclavicular joint and the Glenohumeral joint.

Join Anita at the MAC on 
Tues, Feb 4th @ 8 am in Studio 3

We will unravel the mysteries of the shoulder joint
using X-Ray anatomy and practice movements that
keep the shoulder joint healthy, stable and mobile.

2014 is the year of Self Care!

The Shoulder Joint will be our February class focus at 

Anita's Studio 

I look forward to seeing you!