Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Focus on the Foot

Hi All,

Thank you for attending this mornings Awareness of the Foot MAC workshop and continually studying your road map to your body's intelligence.

We will continue the focus on Feet through the month of March.

Next Workshop is on the Ankles at 8 am on Thursday, 4/4/2013 at the MAC.

In the meantime, focus on your heal lead and allowing the foot to spread forward, backward and out through the inner and outer edges.

"Plug-in lightly" lightly to the earth.

Feel all 26 bones in each foot.  7000 nerve endings in each foot.  Sensing stability, feeling mobility.

Floor Play on Thurs at 8:30 am with the focus on the feet followed by 9 am NIA at the MAC!  Yumm!

OR Wed 9 am NIA followed by Floor Play at Anita's Studio! Delicious!