Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Focus - Energizing the 5 senses with the Breath

It's Spring and let us taste the fresh air in our mouths and feel the coolness of our inhale in our lungs. We will invite the outside in opening the windows and smelling the sweet scents of the new blooms and listening to the sounds of spring as we experience dancing BLISS! mmmmmm Happy April:)

As we continue the course "Becoming a Sensation Scientist", we will use breath to energize each of the 5 senses. Because we find health through movement and we come to our practice to create fitness in all 4 rhealms ~ body, mind, emotion and soul, breath is the internal source to energize our health and fitness. As a sensation scientist we will utilize each sense ~ touch, taste, hearing, seeing and smelling through the use of breath. The goal to leave each practice fully energized!

See you in class this month! If you are interested in an extra class this month pick a Saturday and let me know. If we have a natural consensus of the same Saturday then so be it and we will have a April Saturday class!

Love to you all ~

The only way to grow in your practice is to practice - come to class:)